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The industrial park in Seligenporten near Nuremberg, Germany, actually has everything a tradesman needs: The highway A9 is less than three kilometers away; the major city Nuremberg is just around the corner, and all infrastructure needed for living and working already exists – except a powerful Internet connection. The enterprises in this industrial park have to cope with a 2 Mbps connection, and none of the regional telecommunications providers plans to change that anytime soon – unless of course the local companies contribute EUR 250,000 to the total development costs. Understandably so, this is out of the question for small and medium-sized businesses. One company, however, has become a pioneer in regards to using alternative technologies by successfully relying on Viprinet: OM Klebetechnik.

Overview of benefits

  • Saving EUR 250,000 for a glass fiber connection
  • Integration of existing lines
  • Considerable increase of available bandwidth
  • Fast installation within one afternoon

The task

With 100 employees, OM Klebetechnik, a manufacturer of adhesive products of all sorts, has a great demand for a fast Internet connection. For order processing, email correspondence, and also maintenance and updates of their IT infrastructure, OM Klebetechnik finds a reliable broadband Internet link to be absolutely essential. The existing 2 Mbps SDSL line on its own cannot fulfill this demand. Using Viprinet technology, this SDSL link is bonded together with 4G / LTE connections of two different providers. Owing to this multichannel solution, OM Klebetechnik is now able to establish a secure, fast, and highly reliable Internet connection. At the same time, this company connection serves as a model for all adjacent businesses: It demonstrates the efficiency of Viprinet technology, and thus provides a way to supply an entire industrial park with inexpensive and secure broadband Internet.


In order to achieve ideal reception from the nearest 4G / LTE radio cell, two 4G / LTE antennas were installed at the highest point of the company premises, and properly adjusted. After installing a glass fiber connection in-house to connect the SDSL line with the Viprinet Multichannel VPN Router, the entire system was put into service within one afternoon. By combining the existing 2 Mbps SDSL line which covers the base load with one 4G / LTE link each from German providers T-Mobile and Vodafone on respective plans, a broadband connection with bandwidths of 30–40 Mbps on average was achieved. This means the bandwidth has increased by 20 times, so all demands regarding a modern industrial infrastructure have been met.


Despite the fluctuating bandwidths of the air interfaces, a very stable Internet connection could be realized using Viprinet technology. Several months of operation have shown that expenses for the entire solution are only at four to five percent of what a service provider’s glass fiber connection would have cost. In addition to eliminating the barrier to investment, the outage risk of a single line was substituted by high availability of a bonded connection. Only by using Viprinet technology, the company was able to realize this project in this way. Other companies located in the Seligenporten industrial park have already indicated interest in this solution, so there probably will be more projects of this kind soon. For many customers, an increase in bandwidth is also an important point next to higher reliability and security against interception of their connectivity solution – only with that, they can guarantee their employees the ability to work effectively in the Cloud, and process orders fast enough in the digital era.

Customer Opinion

viprinet case study secustor de web

With Viprinet technology, we were able to provide the customer with a solution with the same bandwidth as and an even higher reliability than with a glass fiber connection at only four to five per cent of the costs.

Christoph Sauer
CEO of

Customer Profile

OM Klebetechnik

  • Branch/Business operating area: Industry
  • Established: 1989
  • Headquarter: Seligenporten, Germany
  • Number of employees: about 100
  • Contact: Christoph Sauer, CEO of

Products Used

Project Facts

Supplementing an existing SDSL link with 2 4G / LTE connections as an alternative for a very expensive installation of glass fiber

Hardware used:
1 Multichannel VPN Router 1610
1 Gigabit Ethernet Module

Project launch: June 2014

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